Hermione, Ron, and Luna get to know each other a bit better and lay the groundwork for Dumbledore’s Army as ADVENTURE tackles the Harry Potter series!

Sarah Staudt can be found on two other shows: The Immortals and Ad Absurdum, both of which are at http://theartimmortal.com/. She can be found at @SarahS2333, tweeting very rarely.

Johnny (@JohnnyInBriefs ) can be found at various places on the OneShot Network, including Campaign and on nevertellmethepods.com. Johnny also hosts Dilettante Ball.

Patrick (@patlikestotweet) is the host of the excellent Dungeon Rats and Pat Trek podcasts. He does a crazy amount of things behind the scenes at OneShot, but one thing he doesn’t do is laugh at my jokes.

Pranks is also on Never Tell Me the Pods and at @roguetldr.

About the Author
Pranks Paul is a dual-classed Rogue/Bard; a certified and certifiable lawyer. He can be found on Twitter @roguetldr. Warning: puns.

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  1. Nik says:

    Can these be found in the BeyondPod app?

    1. Yes, BeyondPod is my app of choice too. Search Pranks Paul and you’ll find it more easily.

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