Satanic Panic

Jared Hounshell graduated from Miami University with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Film Studies. You can catch him appearing at various improv shows around Cincinnati as a member of Highly Improvable. He is also the creator/ co-host of the podcast “The Twicast” in which he routinely makes fun of his garbage teenage self. Jared spends way too much time talking about X-Men comics, listening to pop music, and watching horror movies. 

Emily Reinhart is a full time bookseller, part time belly dancer, not often enough fighter for justice! Emily got involved in table top at an early age, drawing the characters her friends played. From there she was dragged into the underbelly of the gaming community by her fellow booksellers, and never looked back. She has peen playing tabletop games for many years and has recently started the fine art of GMing.

Thomas A. Smiley has been floating around his hometown Indianapolis scene of comedy and acting for a decade, cutting his teeth mostly in small comedy clubs and hamming it up in commercials. He currently resides in Cincinnati due to a clerical error and poor fact checking. So while he’s here, he has decided to make the best of it and dabble in a bit of the entertainment and make a few people laugh.

Satanic Panic Episode 14 – Invasion

The team was just getting to the bottom of their many mysteries when there was a knocking at the door, or rather an explosion at the elevator. An old friend has come to pay the agents a visit….

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Satanic Panic Episode 13 – Revelations

The team returns to the TPS headquarters with an new prisoner in the mad doctor they nicked from the stronghold. However, the interrogation of the doctor raises more questions than answers.

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Satanic Panic Episode 12 – Heavy Weapons

The team is in the midst of the TSR Stronghold. The only thing they have to help them… is a warehouse worth of machine guns.

And mechanics! So many game mechanics!

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Satanic Panic Episode 11 – Doctors and Demons

As the team infiltrates the TSR stronghold new information comes to light about the cooky old doctor and what resides inside Alexander. Also the team gets a potty mouth.

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Episode 10 – The Doctor

The team is on the outskirts of a TSR stronghold. While loaded down with the most guns they could possible carry, they decide to test the bounds of geographic reality.

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Satanic Panic Episode 9 – Georgia

In the aftermath of Inspector Acht’s visit to the agency, Burt Macklin goes into business for himself. A few well placed lies, with the help a supportive superior officer, and the team is on its way to a TSR stronghold.

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Satanic Panic Episode 8 – Inspector Acht

The team returns from their mission out to Talawanda High school only to come under fire from a brand new threat. They must defend themselves from an inter-office investigation.

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Satanic Panic Bonus Episode – Howard’s Birthday

The team has been roped into a mission all of them have been dreading, attending Howard’s birthday party.

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Satanic Panic Episode 7 – The Demon

The team has tracked the source of the demon to the basement of Talawanda high school, but this basement hold more secrets then anyone expected.

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Satanic Panic Episode 6 – Room 204

Face with a possessed girl in the middle of a high school cafeteria the team takes drastic action to try and isolate the situation. However, unforeseen circumstances make this task far harder than anyone expected…

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