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One Shot is a weekly actual play podcast that explores different role playing systems with self contained One Shot stories. A rotating cast of improvisers, game designers, and other notable nerds show off the variety and diversity in RPGs bring you a new game every month!

James D’Amato is a comedian, author, and game designer living in Chicago. You might recognize him from ABC’s The Toy Box, or his book The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide, or from an angry political tweet he made that blew up.

James trained in improv for years at The Second City Conservatory and iO Theater before using those lessons to share his love of gaming with the world. In the years since he worked to build the One Shot Network around the idea of making RPGs more accessible and the tabletop community more inclusive.

354. Casket Land Part 5

Our heroes refuse to join the Sage Hen in her flock which leaves only bloodshed to settle ownership of The Homestead. Without enough water to make the trip home they have no choice but to enlist every ounce of their bright blood to take what they came looking for. Grave dirt is coming for someone,...

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353. Casket Land Part 4

Our heroes begin to confront The Sage Hen in attempt to claim the water in The Homestead. Jerimiah followed her when her name was Hennesy, he’ll have to resist the temptation to join her flock. CONTENT WARNING Former cult victim CASKET LAND Get it here! Follow the designer SKYJACKS: COURIER’S CALL Back Skyjacks: Courier’s Call...

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352. Casket Land Part 3

To find the homestead our heroes must leave the casketland and cross through the land of The Flock. They must brave the ever-shifting tangle and whomever of The Sage Hen’s cruel followers guards the twisting brambles within. CONTENT WARNING Some wild body horror, claustrophobic situations, cult imagery CASKET LAND Get it here! Follow the designer...

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351. Casket Land Part 2

Ms. Hemlock, Jeremiah, Flex and Fold attend a late-night town meeting with Loam, a deathless desert hermit. Loam confronts the town of Doubletree with a startling truth that may also be an opportunity. CONTENT WARNING Descriptions of claustrophobic situations, disfigurement, and social rejection. CASKET LAND Get it here! Follow the designer SKYJACKS: COURIER’S CALL Back...

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350. Casket Land Part 1

The community of Double Tree was once a vibrant place surrounding a miraculous well in the middle of a parched desert. Ten years ago that well started to dry up and the community’s luck went wit the water. Today Double Tree is a desolate place surrounded for miles by the cursed copses sealed away in...

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349. Oh Captain My Captain: Scorpion Sea

The word has been reduced to a vast and empty desert by titanic monsters controlled by The Ruling Party. The only thing that stands against them is a massive mechanical scorpion commanded by an intrepid captain and his crew of resistance fighters. They are searching for an elusive prize that will set them all free....

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348. Oh Captain My Captain: Sub-Versive

The world is ruled by a ruthless empire and a courageous captain leads her fearless crew towards a prize that she believes will be their salvation. HELP OSN HOSTS Help OSN performers During the COVID Crisis OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN Join the Captain My Captain Mailing List BUY OSN BOOKS The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide...

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347. Isolated Part 2

In the aftermath of a landslide, under imminent threat from the Chicago Bears’ offensive line, loyalty between close friends, fathers and sons, and magician and  stage secrets are tested. Will they manage to find common ground in time to protect themselves, or will a murderous sports team have their revenge? ISOLATED Check it out on...

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346. Isolated Part 1

An outdoorsman father, his philosopher son, a friend with a criminal present, and a stage magician (all sports guys, by the way) enjoy a weekend retreat to an isolated cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Does this sound like the set up to a horror RPG? Because it’s definitely the set up for a horror RPG....

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345. Descent into Midnight Part 2

The action team of sea creatures with ill-defined senses of self and their teammate who is also a bus tries to unravel the mysterious thing that has destroyed the community of their closest neighbor. How will doing that change them, and can they survive that change? DESCENT INTO MIDNIGHT Back it here! Site Check out...

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