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One Shot is a weekly actual play podcast that explores different role playing systems with self contained One Shot stories. A rotating cast of improvisers, game designers, and other notable nerds show off the variety and diversity in RPGs bring you a new game every month!

James D’Amato is a comedian, author, and game designer living in Chicago. You might recognize him from ABC’s The Toy Box, or his book The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide, or from an angry political tweet he made that blew up.

James trained in improv for years at The Second City Conservatory and iO Theater before using those lessons to share his love of gaming with the world. In the years since he worked to build the One Shot Network around the idea of making RPGs more accessible and the tabletop community more inclusive.

264. Zombie World Part 2

We start with a hot day at the fallen Fox Lake incarceration facility. A broken fence means things are going to heat up though. MAGPIE GAMES Kickstarter Site ONE SHOT AT GENCON 2018 See our events here! BUY MY BOOK! Amazon Pre-Order Barnes and Noble Pre-Order TWITCH SCHEDULE Youtube Archive TAKE ACTION Register to Vote Find...

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263. Zombie World Part 1

Sarah Richardson joins us to show off Magpie’s latest horror game: Zombie World. James, Alan, Tyler, and CJ become the instruments of their own destruction as they build their setting and characters together. MAGPIE GAMES Kickstarter Site ONE SHOT AT GENCON 2018 See our events here! BUY MY BOOK! Amazon Pre-Order Barnes and Noble Pre-Order TWITCH...

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262. Of Drow Origin Part 3

Things could not be more disastrous at this wedding reception. Delilah wants to murder her new father in law to take his money, and she hired two assassins to help her do it. One of those assassins is Judas’ first love and the mother of his child, Drisaer. The other wants to kill Judas’ daughter...

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261. Of Drow Origin Part 2

With the sudden appearance of Drisaer, Judas’ first love and the mother to, Mahari along with a Drow Assassin and a colorful wolf, Judas and Delilah’s wedding day is all but ruined. Can judas save his family from all this chaos? OF DROW ORIGIN Get the Module! Back the miniatures Kickstarter! CASTING WHIMSY TEA Buy...

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260. Of Drow Origin Part 1

Judas and Delilah Sorn have just been married and are wrapping up the reception thrown by Judas’ borderline abusive and unsupportive father. The night, however, has just begun. Judas and his daughter Mahari are about to discover a piece of their past they thought they had lost. OF DROW ORIGIN Get the Module! Back the...

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259. Paranoia Part 3

Our intrepid troubleshooters finally make their way to the bathroom they are supposed to repair. Miraculously this 15-minute journey has only taken a few dozen lives. Will they be able to make the necessary repairs or will the computer have to discontinue a few clones? Our team of troubleshooters has made it to the quartermaster....

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258. Paranoia Part 2

Our team of troubleshooters has made it to the quartermaster. Soon they will be equipped and ready to take on the necessary and not-at-all life-threatening job of fixing the toilets by the cafeteria. The only thing that could stop them now is infighting and gross incompetence! CHARITY FOR THE VOID Help Jordan DUNGEON DOME CARD...

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257. Paranoia Part 1

Newly dubbed Reds Krl and Glave hazily come out of a drug-induced haze to start their first day as troubleshooters. They’ve been tasked to fix some malfunctioning toilets. Hopefully, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem thanks to Tacoma their Orange supervisor. CHARITY FOR THE VOID Help Jordan DUNGEON DOME CARD GAME Mailing List...

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256. Dream Apart Part 3

Although Rivka gave birth to a healthy child, her voice was stolen away by a dybbuk who has also possessed Zalman. The Shtetl has been torn apart by a schism, the Kazakhs threaten to destroy at least half of what remains. Can a Klezmer, a Matchmaker, and a Midwife save the Rabbi’s daughter and heal...

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255. Dream Apart Part 2

Czarist forces are raiding the Shtetl for every last bit of wealth and comfort. Zalman intends to drive them out even if it means consorting with dark forces. But with mysterious birth complication plaguing the entire region could his meddling make matters much worse? BACK DREAM APART Kickstarter BUY MY BOOK! Amazon Pre-Order Barnes and Noble...

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