Campaign explores longform storytelling through gaming. Our current story follows the crew of The Uhuru, a skyship navigating a folk-tale world of adventure and danger inspired by the music of the Decemberists.

Our previous Campaign was hosted by Kat Kuhl and set in the Star Wars universe. The Crew of the Mynock were wannabe rebel outlaws who found a family together on the run from the Empire.

James D'Amato


Kat Kuhl


Tyler Davis

Jonnit Kessler

John Patrick Coan

Dref Wormwood

Johnny O'Mara

Travis Matagot

Liz Anderson


Skyjacks: Episode 52

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Skyjacks: Episode 51

Battered but aloft, the Uhuru takes port in a new town. But before disembarking, our crew comes to face with the consequences of their actions. CONTENT WARNING Cold Open:  Extensive pee-chat Main Show:  J*rk *ff J*rry, descriptions of severe wounds, descriptions of severe burns HELP OSN HOSTS Help OSN performers During the COVID Crisis BUY OSN...

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Skyjacks: Episode 50

The Uhuru is listing and plummeting to the forsaken sea beneath. There are but minutes to avert their grisly fate, and our Skyjacks will need every one of them. CONTENT WARNING Main Show:  Body maiming Dear Uhuru:  “The Bird Pervert” 🙁 THE ULTIMATE RPG GAMEPLAY GUIDE Learn to play like James with his new book! OUT...

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Skyjacks: Episode 49

A simple oversight by the Skyjacks (in the Captain’s name) leads to a series of consequences, conflicts, and threats. ALSO IN THIS EP: An update on the 10,000 piece puzzle. CONTENT WARNING Main Show:  J*rk *ff J*rry, skyship peril Dear Uhuru: The return of an unwelcome guest, light kink discussion, innuendo THE ULTIMATE RPG GAMEPLAY GUIDE Learn...

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Skyjacks: Episode 48

We check in with the rest of the crew while the main cast continues to work on their ludicrous 10,000 piece puzzle and discusses secrets you just aren’t allowed to know yet. Then inexplicably we start the new arc in the second half of the show. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Just alot of masturbation jokes, implied...

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Skyjacks: Episode 47

Travis and Gable play cards, go to jail, and insist on separate checks. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Description of harsh prison camp, horrible french and English accents Dear Uhuru: Puppets THE ULTIMATE RPG GAMEPLAY GUIDE Learn to play like James with his new book! OUT NOW! MAILING LIST If you want to be notified about our upcoming...

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Skyjacks: Episode 46

Live from Gencon 2019 James, Liz, and Johnny are joined by Dan the Bard to investigate the past between Gable and Travis. It starts almost a decade before the stars fell, before the nations were drowned, before the Spéir we know… CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Implied child abuse, people burning, drowning, description of search post natural...

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Skyjacks: Episode 45

The Uhuru leaves Burza Nyth and the crew struggles with the memories they hope to leave behind. In order to help guide their companions through this troubling time, Gable stats a 10,000 piece puzzle. CONTENT  WARNING Main Show: Mention of military drones, excessive robot swearing, drowning, mourning , Liz says the phrase “bone filled meat...

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Skyjacks: Courier’s Call Episode 4

After all the trials and interviews we have finally arrived at the selection, where the audron captains announce their final decision on who will join them in the sky. June, Kiran, and Cece have worked and sacrificed to get here⁠—but will it be enough? CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Severe parent/child conflict, parent disowning child, tearful goodbyes...

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Skyjacks: Courier’s Call Episode 3

The kids line up for The Choosing ceremony, a series of questions from the postmasters equal parts, baffling, frustrating, and nerve-wracking. Can they untangle the flippant riddles of the Audron Captains to earn a place in the sky? CONTENT WARNINGMain Show: A big scary bug, questions that seem unfair, parents getting upset over their children’s...

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