Campaign explores longform storytelling through gaming. Our current story follows the crew of The Uhuru, a skyship navigating a folk-tale world of adventure and danger inspired by the music of the Decemberists.

Our previous Campaign was hosted by Kat Kuhl and set in the Star Wars universe. The Crew of the Mynock were wannabe rebel outlaws who found a family together on the run from the Empire.

James D'Amato


Kat Kuhl


Tyler Davis

Jonnit Kessler

John Patrick Coan

Dref Wormwood

Johnny O'Mara

Travis Matagot

Liz Anderson


Skyjacks: Episode 82

After banishing the Mariner from Nrodia the Uhuru pirates work to pick up the pieces. Travis and Margaret dance around where they might be now. Gable struggles not to lose themself in who they were. Jonnit tries to reign in the gifts and adoration this town has for a young man who must be a...

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Skyjacks: Episode 81

The crew gathers for an epic stand against The Mariner himself. Jonnit and Orimar try to keep him pinned while Gable and Travis work desperately to draw his attention. Can any ship– even the greatest corsair vessel ever to touch the sky– stand against the wrath of the sea? It all comes down to a...

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Skyjacks: Episode 80

Gable and Travis are wrapped in 200 years worth of complicated tension and realize if they want to help Jonnit they will need to find a way to resolve it. Jonnit faces down The Mariner. Everyone who rushes to his defense is driven back by the hateful power of the sea. He must face a...

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Skyjacks: Episode 79

Travis does that totally reasonable thing and takes some time to yell at Gable in the middle of a battle with The Mariner. Meanwhile, Jonnit and Margaret face off against La Llorona together only to discover that she isn’t alone. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Violence, old fashioned nightmare imagery, player vs player, more hand damage, very...

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Skyjacks: Episode 78

Jonnit meets up with Margret but still being under the effects of The Underswell they will need more than a bit of luck to get to safety. Out in the bay waves crash to pull the rest of The Mariner’s fleet into Nordia’s shores and the Uhuru Death Chart claims its first victim. CONTENT WARNING...

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Skyjacks: Episode 77

Margaret desperately defends herself from a group of drowned sailors while trying to make her way to safety. La Llorona the Drowned calls forth The Underswell to make Jonnit more easy prey. Then it basically becomes the Ryan Lochte show for a while because the dice actually hate James. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Violence, James is...

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Skyjacks: Episode 76

Toku faces down the water knives of La Llorina to defend fleeing civilians. We check in with the pirates who have taken Il Sangue Dio and the crew members riding griffins above the battlefield. Travis fights some boys. Gable struggles to reduce the number of drowned sailors getting to Upper Nordia and attracts some unwanted...

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Skyjacks: Episode 75

Gable leads a contingent of Uhuru Pirates to hold back the procession of drowned sailors moving up the staircase towards the civilians in Upper Nordia. Travis and Marget reach safety up on the walls… for like five seconds before Travis screws it up. Jonnit faces off against La Llorona and feels the terror of a...

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Skyjacks: Episode 74

Tavis and Margaret brave the raging current to try and cross the bridge to Upper Nordia as the Drowned Fleet makes landfall behind them. Ryan Lochte foolishly convinces a cohort of Uhuru scouts to draw away numbers from the Drowned Sailors. Jonnit shows the forces of The Mariner that he has a power that no...

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Skyjacks: Episode 73

After restoring his hand, Travis has one more choice to make. Gable, Jonnit, The Uhuru Crew, and the whole of Nordia brace for The Mariner’s arrival. The seas boil and the dark of the storm is set alight by cannon fire and Ghostlight. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Description of pain from a wound healing, Cannon Fire, old...

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