50. Police Cops- Brooklyn Alaska Part 2

Show Notes

The One Shot Podcast

The Villainous machinations of Tom Frankle get even worse as we discover the President is visiting. Can Brookln’s (Alaska) finest defeat Rick Moranis and his band of Newfie thugs in time!?

D10/0 is a universal RPG created by ONE SHOT hero Bryan Schuder. It has tons of options for character customization and creative, tactical combat. You can find free to down load it on Bryan’s site Best With Stuff. The contest is simple. Read D10/0 and design a setting for it that can fit on a single page and build a character in D10/0 to go with the setting. Here is a handy video Explaining how to make a character. 

  • The only rule is that the setting has to fit on one page.
  • The character can be a hero, villain, whatever
  • The winner will obviously be mentioned on air, and they will get their own link in the show notes.

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