Series 11.3 – Blades in the Dark with Rhi, Josie and Minna (Discussion)

Welcome to the final episode of Series 11! In this episode, we will be discussing the character creation process for Blades in the Dark with Rhi, Josie and Minna from the Blades in the Dark actual play podcast, The Magpies!


Guests and Projects:

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Minna: @mynaminnarr (

The Magpies:

Iron Hides


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:18 – Introductions

00:08:23 – D20 for your thoughts? – How did you get into RPGs?

00:15:38 – What’s your personal process for creating characters?

00:20:12 – How does character creation stack up to other games?

00:29:08 – How do the mechanics of character creation reinforce the feel of this game?

00:35:17 – Does this process set the expectations for playing this game?

00:39:24 – What flaws does character creation have in this system?

00:43:31 – How balanced are the character types in this game?

00:47:48 – How do you create NPCs in this game?

00:50:41 – How cohesive is our group in a standard game?

00:52:25 – How does this game play?

00:58:25 – Take it up a level! – How does advancement work?

01:04:46 – Should we have advancement in mind at character creation?

01:08:51 – Episode Closer

01:13:04 – Outtakes

01:19:14 – Show Blurbs!

Game systems and materials discussed in this episode:


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