Magic School Bus 2 – The Magic School Bus Gets Needled

Having saved cousin Robert Phillip from the Bus Pox, Ms. Frizzle’s class learns about herd immunity by being locked in a room with a diseased peer. But can the class escape before they suffer any ill effects? And why doesn’t anyone find Carlos’ enthusiasm infectious? Tune in to ADVENTURE to find out!

Meet our players for this week:

Darcy Ross can be found tweeting at @DarcyLRoss, on the Cypher Speak podcast, the ConTessa gaming group, and soon she’ll be working for Monte Cook Games!  Hooray!

Riley Hopkins is at @RevRyeBread on Twitter. He also hosts the Alien Happy Hour podcast and moderates the OneShot discord. He is a good, good boy.

Kachel Witting is at @scrptkitty on Twitter. She’s a really nice person, even if she plays a mean one on this podcast.

Liz Anderson can be found at @liesanderson. You’ll remember her as Chartreuse on Campaign, and she performs at ComedySportz in Chicago, and will be in a directing program show at The Second City. Her One-Woman No-Show wrapped in July, but be sure to catch it next time around. Also she was recently in a ClickHole picture.

Pranks Paul can be found at @roguetldr or (@ADVENTURE_OSN for this show), on the OneShot stream, and also at Never Tell Me the Pods.

Hope to meet you heroes at GenCon this weekend!  The OneShot events can be found here.  My panels are on Saturday at noon5 PM, and 7.  You’ll also be able to find me at the GenCon bar meet up, which is at the JW Marriot at8:30.

About the Author
Pranks Paul is a dual-classed Rogue/Bard; a certified and certifiable lawyer. He can be found on Twitter @roguetldr. Warning: puns.

One comment on “Magic School Bus 2 – The Magic School Bus Gets Needled

  1. Kristen says:

    I’ve been loving how fun and celebratory all the Adventure episodes have been so far! If you guys ever did a Transformers game I would probably collapse– from happiness, but also from wishing I could’ve helped out or otherwise participated, haha.

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