Sidequest: Binbon and Jubna Episode Four

With Teemo the Hutt dead, and The Surrex locked down, Jubna and Binbon have a few precious hours to find the killer, and cover up the murder.

Satanic Panic Episode 1 – Tabletoppers

The team of Dr Courtney Kessler, Alexander Ray, and Burt Macklin are sent on an operation in Ohio to handle a rouge group of tabletop players. They will have to deal with the dangerous of an unknown basement, an over-oppressive boss, the local librarian Eunice, and their own dysfunctions to keep the world safe from evil.

11. All My Spooky Children: Pumpkin Jay

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the tale of Pumpkin Jay! Join Aaron and Jeff on their first ever All My Fantasy Children Halloween Spectacular! The two are supercharged with Dark Magicks on this ‘Ween, and will need every ounce of it for the spooky prompt submitted by @BlakeRyanBatman “Chad Butternut once left a pumpkin out- lightning hit it- came to life- it wanted to learn magic” Previous episodes recommended before listening: Ep0: The Tragedy of Samuel Gourd Big Jeremy and the Goats of the Round Table Madam Mysteria: The Battle for Puri… Grasshopper City

10. Skylar Morrison: More Juic-E More Problems

This week, in our return to CYBERPUNK 2020, twitter user @SweatdropEmoji has given us the prompt, “The manager of a farm-to-table nutrient paste co-op”. Jeff and Aaron channel Dark Magicks through this prompt to create Skylar Morrison, a young man with connections that can make or break his business of the dark future.

22. Ben Schwartz

Professional organizer Ben “Books” Schwartz talks larping with kids, larping with different traditions, and larping when it’s your actual job.

Sidequest: Binbon and Jubna Part 3

After meeting Jubna’s unfaithful ex-Girlfriend Gorra and her venture capitalist fiance at the bar, it seemed like their journey to Phindar had hit rock bottom. Little did Binbon and Jubna know that this would be merely an opening act for the most trying night of their lives, as a dark shadow emerges from their past…

55. Keith Baker

This episode features Keith Baker the original writer of the Eberron setting for Dungeons and Dragons. During this interview we talk about his time as an MMO game designer, the design philosophies behind Phoenix Dawn Command, and his general love of tabletop RPGs.

21. Scaling Games Part 2: GO …HOME?

Technically you don’t HAVE to go home. In fact, stay here for a little while! Jeff Stormer from Party of One, the podcast all about two-player RPGs, is here to talk about playing SMALL games. How do you play or modify games for just two people? Or even ONE person? There’s a lot more out there for the small table, and we talk about it.

Sidequest: Binbon and Jubna Episode 2

As rain pours on their vacation, Binbon and Jubna explore the wonders of the Surrex hotel and find a whole lot more than they bargained for.

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9. AM-E: Infinite Lives

Listen up, cyberpunks and Techno-wizards! This week, Aaron and Jeff take a look into the DARK NEAR FUTURE OF CYBERPUNK 2020 (as suggested to us by twitter user @robotclaw) to explore a prompt brought to us by Twitter user @tuilelaith\_: “A mechanical person whose dreams are virtual spaces, connected to networks in strange and unpredictable ways.” What does the future of A.I. look like? Is it a cold-hearted killer? An alien intellect? Or is it a Philly barista with the Internet uploaded in her brain?