​ADVENTURE is a bimonthly actual play podcast hosted and created by Pranks Paul. ADVENTURE brings your favorite stories and characters to life, combining fanfiction and tabletop into a delicious, chaotic sandwich.

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Tifa, Fatix, and Darkwing have their climactic encounter in the Cave of Wonders!
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Kingdom Hearts 1 – Big Duck Energy 33 and Two Quarters

Welcome to a simple and clean episode of ADVENTURE, starring Tifa, Fatix, and Darkwing Duck! Read More

Buffy 4: Faithless

The insecurity demon finally meets its match. Read More

Buffy 3: Acne Incorporated

Another demon-filled day in Sunnydale as the Scoobies prepare to destroy the insecurity demon. Read More

Buffy 2: Teenage Nightmare

ADVENTURE continues its slayage as the Scooby Gang investigates the mysterious pestilence plaguing Sunnydale. Read More

Buffy 1: Ya Gotta Have Faith

This week’s ADVENTURE is set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The Scooby Gang (and Faith and Anya) take on their scariest foe yet — puberty!

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​Mass Effect: Everyone is Shepard 2: A Quarian Query

This week, the crew of the Normandy continues to figure out what’s up with Shepard.  Or try, anyway.

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​Mass Effect: Everyone is Shepard 1

This week on ADVENTURE, we tackle the Mass Effect Series for Everyone is Shepard!

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DuckTales! 2-OOO!

Scrooge and his family engage in a pyramid scheme. 

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