This week on ADVENTURE, we tackle the Mass Effect Series for Everyone is Shepard!

1. The first half of this episode is introducing the cast of characters and discussing which romance options the players picked.  While this delayed the actual play portion a bit, it seemed definitely in keeping with the spirit of ADVENTURE and I didn’t want to cut it. If you want to skip ahead to the actual play portion, it’s about 20 minutes in. The next two episodes are more full AP.
2. This has SPOILERS for the Mass Effect series! Listen at your own risk.
3. I spent some time trying to reproduce the Quarian, Turian, EDI, and Mordin sound effects. There wasn’t really a method to my madness; just played around with echo, pitch, and Paulshift until it sounded right. Hope it works for you guys!
4. My sister hacked Everyone is John for this game, and her version of the game will be going into OneShot’s Secret Archive eventually.
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