Episode 246 – ROFLMAO: Escape from the Black Site: The Sequel

The story’s not over for Dutch Stewart, Bumbly Brant and Pubby as they make their way to the top of the Black Site, desperate to survive and flailing to do so. But now they’ve got skills– is it enough to make a difference? Honestly, probably not.

Episode 245 – ROFLMAO: Escape from the Black Site

We step away from our dear friends just trying to heal and defeat evil to focus on some other familiar faces who have a more simple goal: escape from Barb’s Black Site. Will they make it out alive and unmerged? What will they do with their left overs? All this and more!

Episode 204 – L.M.A.O.

We take a moment to step away from a small monster hunting club in the north woods of America to check in with the most important body of lore-seekers and threat-abaters in the world– the Legend, Myth and Apocrypha Organization.