Episode 252 – Season 2 Epilogue Part 2: This Isn’t the Haverford You’re Searching For

After a VERY unsatisfying breakfast, the club heads to the best place for tackle, lures, and answers to unsettling mysteries– Tim Knutt’s Tom Knutt’s Tom’s Nets.

We’ll be taking a few weeks off to celebrate the end of Season 2, but keep your eyes peeled to the feed for content– look forward to some highlights and some goofs before we return victoriously for…. Season 3: Spellbound! (I don’t know, I just made that up, don’t hold us to that)

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Shamanda Felt: Rashawn Nadine Scott @rashawnscott
Adam Miller: Jeff Murdoch @jmurdoink
Krashlee Grenadine: Erin Rein @thaterinrein
Susan Wexler: Claire Linic @clairelinic
CEJ/Derrk Plifer: Alan Linic @alanlinic
Everybody else: Tyler Samples @tlrsmpls