Episode 328 – From the Patreon Archives – Rawr, It’s Mizz Wexler

For an end-of-year treat, we open up the hallowed halls of our Patreon content and bring forth a delightful tale of a terrible creature: the Bondlegrob. This is where it all started! If you’re just joining us, check out season 2 for a whole heap of Bondlegrob hijinks.

Huge thanks and credit goes to our Patreon supporter Mitchell Daily, who created Rawr! It’s Mizz Wexler! Find all of his amazing games at https://mitchelldaily.itch.io/


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Shamanda Felt: Rashawn Nadine Scott @rashawnscott

Adam Miller: Jeff Murdoch @jmurdoink

Krashlee Grenadine: Erin Rein @thaterinrein

Susan Wexler: Claire Linic @clairelinic

CEJ/Derrk Pflifer: Alan Linic @alanlinic

Everybody else: Tyler Samples @tlrsmpls