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68. Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor

On this episode of Talking Tabletop, Jim interviews Grant and Chris the designers and owners of Rowan, Rook and Decard. During this episode we talk about their first trip to GenCon this year, what it’s like producing a new game every month, and we discuss their new game Heart which is on Kickstarter now. HEARTBack...

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67. Rob Stith

This episode features an interview with Rob Stith, the designer of The ORPHEUS Protocol. In this interview we talked about the game, what it is like designing an RPG in public, and some of Rob’s favorite moments from the 3-year process. ORPHEUS PROTOCOLBack the KickstarterListen to the Podcast

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66. Rob Wieland

This weeks episode features Rob Wieland. Rob is a writer for Geek & Sundry, has over 50 writing credits in the RPG world from Shadowrun to Star Wars, and is a professional Game Master. During the interview, we discuss how he got into tabletop, where he sees the future of the hobby, and we get...

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65. Erika Chappell

This week features the return of Talking TableTop! Our return features Erika Chappell, a game designer that has her first RPG, Flying Circus, on Kickstarter right now. In this interview we discuss how she got involved in game design, dealing with depression as a creative person, our unique game design philosophy, and we nerd out...

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64. Colin Kyle

This episodes features Colin Kyle a brand new game designer that is just starting his journey into the world tabletop design. During the episode we discuss his career in academia, tackling uncomfortable topics with game design, and his kickstarter for Axon Punk.

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63. John Adamus

This episode features John Adamus. A long time member of the RPG community and industry, John is preparing to launch his very first kickstarter for his game Noir World. During this interview we talk about life, health, and the reality of making your dreams come true.

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61. James and Kat

This episode of Talking Tabletop features James and Kat, the matriarch and patriarch of One Shot. We discuss what it is like working together in a creative environment, and their unique relationship.

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61. Shane Harsch

This episode features Shane Harsch of Legendsmith. During the interview we discuss how he got inot gaming, what he is doing with Legendsmith, and his projects Narosia and NOVA6.

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60. Eric Simon

This episode features Eric Simon the designer of Rockalypse. During the interview we talk about the game, his other project Steamscapes, and what it was like leaving the day job to do RPGs full time.

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59. Quinn Wilson

This Episode features Quinn Wilson of the Swallows of the South podcast. During this interview we discuss how his brother got him into tabletop, what it is like introducing new people to lore-dense games, and his efforts to expand the inclusiveness of the tabletop community.

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