Mystery County Monster Hunters Club

Episode 5 – Who’s the New Kid?

After a harrowing encounter with some REALLY BIG CRYPTIDS, Adam and Shamanda take a little well-deserved rest and relaxation to heal up their wounds… and maybe kiss?

Episode 4 – State Facts About Superior

We pause between sessions so the players can catch up on all the choice choice facts about the 51st state their characters live in: Superior, USA.

Episode 3 – Take Only Photos, Leave Only Monsters

This week the gang fights off a salamander cultist and a giant millipede out for blood in the body cave by the lake, and things only get weirder from there.

Episode 2 – This Podcast Now Sponsored By the Lake Mystery Ranger Department

One Goonch, Two Goonch, Red Goonch, wait how many Goonch? The Club gets their act together to pull CEJ out of hot water after a deadly encounter with the Goonch.

Episode 1 – I’ll Have What the Goonch Is Having

INTRODUCING the High Schoolers of Mystery County! Four unlikely teen heroes (and their janitor mentor) are hanging around the Cold Stone Creamery when they hear a tantalizing rumor.

Mystery County Monster Hunters Club Trailer

Mystery County Monster Hunters Club, an actual play podcast where the heroes are teens and the teens are a mess.