Episode 248 – The Strange Case of Adam Miller and Aged Sprite

While Susan, CEJ and Shamanda work to heal from grievous wounds and angry words, Krashlee and Adam are just trying to survive any way they can, and some of those options are pretty… transformative. But maybe that handsome fella with angel wings at the door can– wait, are those turkey wings? We’re in trouble here.

If you want to start this arc at the beginning, check out Episode 236 – Home is Where the Monsters Are!


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Rashawn Nadine Scott – Shamanda Felt: @rashawnscott

Jeff Murdoch – Adam Miller: @jmurdoink

Erin Rein – Krashlee Grenadine: @thaterinrein

Claire Linic – Susan Wexler: @clairelinic

Alan Linic – CEJ: @alanlinic

Tyler Samples – everybody else: @tlrsmpls