27. Piera Spencer: Knick-knack Baddie-whack

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, with the end of the Dark Magickal Blizzard, Jeff and Aaron have been reunited and can once more gaze into the Spiral Ham! The Ham’s energy traveled through a prompt from @Swordgirlfriend on Twitter “A mage who just wants to be a rogue” To create Piera Spencer! With the help of Madeline Hale’s character creation book, Table Fables (amazon link below!)our Senior Wizards were given the powerful tables they needed to give life! https://www.amazon.com/Table-Fables-collection-tables-master/dp/1542678595/ref=sr\_1\_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488650995&sr=8-1&keywords=table+fables Let the cat and mouse games begin

Evil Campaign Episode Four

Our good old boys from the ISB cherish a brief moment of respite, then rally to contend with the smuggler who’s more than he seems. But will they remember to shoot their propo piece?!

31. Josh Jordan

Gather ’round as designer and educator Josh Jordan tells us about about the unstoppable force of creativity, candy as cultural exchange, and collaboration as the cure for impostor syndrome. Should larpwrights be keeping an eye on reality TV? Well, probably not, I guess…

61. James and Kat

This episode of Talking Tabletop features James and Kat, the matriarch and patriarch of One Shot. We discuss what it is like working together in a creative environment, and their unique relationship.

Satanic Panic Episode 14 – Invasion

The team was just getting to the bottom of their many mysteries when there was a knocking at the door, or rather an explosion at the elevator. An old friend has come to pay the agents a visit….

Episode 2: Ctrl Actions

The gang tries their hand at subterfuge as they search for a way to get inside the Yulakim Complex without drawing the attention of the law.

26. Trance Halford: Go Galactic

Welcome, Jr. Wizards! This week, we catch up with Jeff as he braves the Dark Magical Blizzard that separated him and Aaron! Armed with the prompt, “an astronomer who searches among the stars in hopes to find an answer to their personal insecurities,” Jeff scans the galaxy for a way back to the Dark Magical Smoke Shack…

189. Dogs in the Vineyard Part 3

Evidence of apostasy Heaven begins to mount as Ben and Seriah lead a tense Sunday service, and revisit a suspiciously orney horse. Although they fear the worst our two dogs must keep level heads to serve the King of Life. That becomes incredibly difficult for ben as he encounters a startling revelation.

30. Companion’s Tale with Laura Simpson

Or, The One Where We Go Full Dragon Age Fancast. Listen, it’s a transformation that’s been happening slowly for a while now, I feel like. Maybe it’s a new segment? Anyway, COMPANION’S TALE IS KICKSTARTING! Laura and I chat about her excellent new storytelling game at Dreamation 2017, among other tangents (about companions) (that you can kiss).

25. Primrose: Stargazing

Welcome, Jr. Wizards! This week, Aaron and Jeff have been separated by a Dark Magickal Blizzard! For this episode, Aaron will face the challenges of the darkness alone! With only the same prompt to guide them, our Senior Wizards must both create a character and hope that their powers will lead them back to the Dark Magickal Smoke Shack. Will they ever unite under the Spiral Ham again? I definitely do not know…