Skyjacks: Episode 85

The crew reacts to Gable’s story in the Grandfire. Before they get too much time to process, Jane takes the stage and tells a story about Rusalka that a stranger told her in a bar. Then Travis is compelled to enter the fire and gets compelled to do something he only very recently has grown accustomed to: tell the truth. That obviously causes trouble and our heroes are forced to hide in Dref’s office.

Main Show: Soclian anxiety, starvation, poverty, a moment meant to criticize a rich person that flirts with fat shaming (a person who is eating during a famine is recognized as healthy by his belly,) infidelity, temptation, guilt and shame, humiliation, tragic loss
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Co-op Mood 15: There’s No Crying in Blaseball

On this episode Shane and Sally make an official correction about the upcoming Uncharted movie. Then they talk once again about the design/appearance of the PS5. Then Shane is joined by Jon (@gurglespasm), co-host of One Shot network’s System Mastery podcast, to talk about the weird and wonderful world of Blaseball, including its best lore, and advice for Blaseball n00bs to get involved in the upcoming new season. They also talk about the games they’re playing right now, including Hades, League of Legends Clash, and If Found….

Things we talked about:

Why Do People Care So Much About How a PlayStation 5 Looks in Their Home?

-What Shane’s excited about: Overwatch Git Gud Tournament

-What Sally’s excited about: Uncover: Escaping NXIVM from CBC Podcasts, The Vow (HBO), Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult (STARZ)

Series 33.2 – Unbound with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor (Creation Continued)

On the second episode of our 33rd series, we welcome back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor from Rowan Rook and Decard, to finish character creation and world building for Unbound, a scalable action pulp, collaborative world building RPG. Read More

380. Hammer of the Earth Part 1

James sits down with Johnathan Sims, Sasha Sienna, Ben Meradith, and Anil Godigamuwe to design a train carrying the last hopes of humanity and civilization. Predictably, that train in a world of trouble and fraught with political in-fighting.

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Stellar Firma
The Magnus Archives

LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 2

We have to stop It now. Because we didn’t stop It last time.

The past closes in on our heroes as a bond bigger than any of them slowly reclaims their lives. Here, in the place where they grew up, there are secrets waiting for them–dark secrets, terrible secrets, things which have defined the courses of their lives even from a million miles away. But there are other things here, too–things which just might be strong enough to save them all.

Read More

Skyjacks: Behind the Sails: Worldbuilding Nordia

We gave Casey the week off because the last two days have been A LOT. In place of an episode, we’re bringing Patreon content to the main feed. This is the worldbuilding session zero that created Nordia! We also thew in James’ thoughts on the Nordia arc and answered listener questions.

Series 33.1 – Unbound with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor (Creation)

Welcome to the first episode of series 33, everyone! This episode, we are welcoming back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, two familiar voices for those who have heard our Heart series. This series we will be covering Unbound, a game where you build the setting along with your characters in a fairly unique way. Join us this episode as we discuss the game and start diving into world building and character creation! Read More

158. Cinderpine: The Tree of Self-Determination

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, we have a Solo Jeff Stormer Spectacular!

Jeff, along with the brilliant game Spindlewheel, will create not only an entirely new region, but also a legend!


Spindlewheel KS

Skyjacks: Episode 84

Pulling away from Nordia victorious, the crew of The Uhuru is alerted by the ringing of the heart bell. The Captain is calling for a Grandfire – a tradition from his homeland that calls for the exchange of stories around a massive fire. Different members of the crew are called before the fire to tell stories prompted by stones drawn from the coals.

Main Show:  Detailed description of Deicide, a character tells a story involving national displacement and cultural oppression, nudity, deicide

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379. InSp3tres Part 3

The Snatchers face down the ghostly projections of former business competitors as they try to understand how there could be any hauntings left in the industrialized phantasm poaching world. If they don’t discover the answer soon they might need snatching themselves!

because they will be dead and ghosts. does that make sense?

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