Episode 18


Ah, that classic RPG moment when the GM talks to herself in character for far too long. We’re playing for realsies now! It’s also time to make the trek back to Guns Guns Gun 2 (even more guns).

Star Was Lingo Notes:

Glee Anselm: A water planet. Best known as the Nautolan home planet.

Ducky: Good

Aurek: Roughly the letter “A” Aurek is the first letter of the Aurebesh (basic) alphabet.

Lambs: Folks on the lamb – fugitives

Frink: A Corellian expletive

Frang: A Twi’lek expletive


About the Author
Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

6 comments on Episode Eighteen

  1. Hussman says:

    Still working through the episode and trying to decide what my favorite quote is so far. The nominees are:

    “Okay, you’re an alcoholic.”


    “He wants a Clone Wars era DL–”


  2. Matchstickman says:

    If Leenik is the only one of you who can remember what you’re supposed to be selling, sorry guys, but that makes him the only one competent enough to be called a leader.

    Poor, poor Leenik.

  3. NorwegianFan says:

    Do you guys use Obligations in play at all? I still only have the Beta book, waiting for the final Core book, but I don`t know what it says yet. Obligations is one of the things I am really exighted about seeing in play.

    1. Kat Murphy says:

      Hey! We do. We’re actually on a Tryst obligation at the moment. The way they work short of shapes the narrative from the outside, so we don’t broadcast that as it makes for less exciting radio. We also don’t do it every session (our sessions are odd anyway because of how recording time works) but every arc/when the previous obligation’s been fulfilled and it’s time to move on.

      1. NorwegianFan says:

        Ok, thank you! So you don`t use it to see if they are strained by worrying extra much about about it that session? That could be fun to hear if it is worked into the roleplaying.
        But I am all for using the rules you like the way you like to tell the story!

        Btw. I have a rules question you might be able to answer.
        I don`t know if this is the right place to ask or if you guys would know, given that your group number isn`t changing, but here goes…
        Do you know how obligation value changes from session to session if the number of characters change? Some characters might have used more obligation to gain bonus the first session, say 15, but the next session there are more players in the group and the maximum of extra obligation would have gone down to 5 or 10. Or is that just the Beta version or am i misenterpreting the rules?

      2. NorwegianFan says:

        I`m sorry. I might have figured it out. Starting obligation based on group number is only based on the first session you play, am I right? In that case, I guess a new player in a group would have a slightly lower starting obligation than the rest. Oh well..

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