Mystery County

Episode 340 – Mystery County Was Constantinople

In part two of our 3 episode D&D arc, not only does the gang learn more about Adam’s great great great great great great great grandfather (who….kinda sucks? or does he?), they also find the goonch’s great great great great great great great grandma. More like ConstantiNOPE-L, am I right??

Episode 339 – Dungeons and Derrks

Derrk slips through the club’s fingers AND TIME, and they have no choice but to follow. But where they end up? Let’s just say it’s not Instanbul.

Episode 338 – The Final Temptation of Adam Miller

After gathering a veritable host of powerful juggernauts together to fight a massive showdown battle, the club does what it does best… and talks it out.

Episode 337 – Teeth and Claws Assemble!

With four different factions in play over the Darrk situation, the real question becomes… Who are the bad guys again?

Episode 336 – Lands of the Dead

Sure, we’ve had our fair share of cinematic experiences. But it’s time to explore the majesty, the mystery, and the moderate of the silver screen, while Adon struggles to make sense of what’s happening to him and why.

Episode 335 – Takin’ It To Mall Street

After getting Shamanda squared away, the club knows what they need to do– something. And they set out to do exactly that, with help from a surprising new Exler.

Episode 334 – Crash Course

In the aftermath of the stretchiest hummer accident in Mystery History, the Club struggles with… well, everything.

Episode 333 – Panic! at the High School Disco

Umm, I guess a bunch of corpse Millers hitting the dance floor kind of ruined the Fallentine’s dance? And now we’re like, all on the run? And the Darrk’s still not letting up? So we’re like, totally screwed?

Episode 332 – Racing Polls and Winter Roads

As Barb and the Knutts Brothers enter the home stretch in their race to reach Haverford, they encounter obstacle after obstacle, but lucky for them, they’re able to get a Lift. Carmen Lift.

Episode 331 – New Places, Old Faces, and Tribble Traces

Barb and the Knutts’ run into faces old and new on their STAR-studded TREK back to Haverford, but unfortunately they find themselves in a little bit of tribble.