A Horror Borealis

EPISODE 56: In Cold Blood pt. 7

Zoë learns the truth about herself with some help from her father. Martha learns some truths about vampires with some help from Hawk. Moriah finally gets some gosh darn sleep, and wakes up to the sinking sensation that they’re all in over their heads.

CW: mild body horror, mention of blood, mention of violence

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EPISODE 55: In Cold Blood pt. 6

The team manages, against all odds and terrible time management skills, to get back together–and to start putting the pieces together as well. But as usual, the information they have only leads to more questions.

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EPISODE 54: In Cold Blood pt. 5

Look, we’re not entirely sure what’s happening in this episode. Martha commits some light identity theft, if that appeals to you? Siobhan leads the world’s most weirdly tense nature walk? Also, vampires? You should probably just listen.

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EPISODE 53: In Cold Blood pt. 4

There’s something about Zoë…

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EPISODE 51: In Cold Blood pt. 2

Just when you thought tourist season was over.

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BONUS: Year-End Q&A

Happy New Year! And, happy anniversary, Citizens of Revenant! Join us for a special celebratory Q&A episode as we answer fan questions and talk about what this show means to us.

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EPISODE 33: Winterlude 5

The gang hears a story that condemns a friend, reveals a tragedy, and unmasks their enemy…but where can they go from here?

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EPISODE 32: Hide & Seek pt. 9

Sleepless, shaken, and on the brink, the party pushes forward, only to find that what they’re up against is nothing like they imagined. And it, too, wants answers.

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EPISODE 31: Hide & Seek pt. 8

Our heroes find themselves face-to-face with a horrifying turn of events and a final stand against the presence that’s been haunting them all night.

Can they keep the party together and still find a way to carry out their mission? Siobhan bottles it up. Martha throws down. Moriah keeps her cool.

CONTENT WARNING: mild body horror, aggressively uncomfortable first aid

Moriah Harris is played by Addison Peacock
Martha Campbell is played by Tim Woerner
Siobhan O’Shaughnessy is played by Andrew Giotta
The Keeper is Alex Flanigan

Thank you all for your patience as this arc finishes up and Alex completes the long, exhausting transition into a new job and house! Next week’s episode will have a new midroll and updates on the show!

EPISODE 30: Hide & Seek pt. 7

With only two hours of night remaining, the Hunters are torn between the unknowns of what lies ahead and the secrets still buried behind them.

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